API Reference

Interactive scatter plot

Video Tutorial

From 13:04 onward this tutorial shows how you can perform PCA and visualize the transformed data using the Scatter Plot.



Left: Controls


Data Column

Data column containing numerical arrays of size 2, X & Y values [x, y]


Data column containing only X values


Data column containing only Y values

log x

Use \(log_{10}\) of the X data

log y

Use \(log_{10}\) of the Y data

Colors based on

Set spot colors based on categorical labels in this column

Choose colormap

Colromap for the the spot colors

Shapes based on

Set spot shapes based on categorical labels in this column

UUID Column

Column containing UUIDs that correspond to the plot data

DPT Curve column

Data column containing numerical arrays to show in the Datapoint Tracer

Spot size

Size of the spots


Not implemented yet

Live update…

Update the plot with live inputs from the flowchart

Update Plot

Update the plot according to the input data from the flowchart and the parameters


Save the plot as a ptrn file


Load a saved ptrn file

Export to ma…

Not implemented yet

Export data

Not implemented yet

Below the plot: Status label that displays plotting issues. Click the label to see more information.

Right: Datapoint Tracer. Click datapoints in the plot to set the Datapoint Tracer.

Bottom: Console