This documentation is for the older Mesmerize legacy desktop application. Please see the home page or GitHub repo for information on the latest packages.

Suite2p Importer

You can load Suite2p output files to import ROIs into the current work environment. This places the Suite2p-derived ROIs onto the image that is currently open.


Video Tutorial

Script Usage

You can also use this module through the viewer console, or in the Script Editor instead of clicking buttons.


# get the module, hide the GUI
s2p_importer = get_module('suite2p_importer', hide=True)

# set the path to the dir containing the suite2p output files'/path/to/dir')

# set the amount of neuropil contamination to subtract = 0.7

# import the suite2p data into the current work environment

# clear the data from the importer before importing another directory
# this doesn't do anything to the viewer work environment, just clears the importer data