This documentation is for the older Mesmerize legacy desktop application. Please see the home page or GitHub repo for information on the latest packages.

Inscopix Importer

The Inscopix Importer module can be used to open .isxd movies created by Inscopix acquisition software


You must have your own license for activating/running the Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS) and downloading the IDPS API and isx library. Mesmerize only provides an implementation of isx to read .isxd movies into the application.

In order to use the importer you will need to add the path to the parent dir containing the isx library to your PYTHONPATH environment variable.

For example if your isx dir is located at:

` /home/user/Inscopix Data Processing 1.6.0/Inscopix Data Processing.linux/Contents/API/Python/isx ```

Then you will need to add the path to the parent dir, for example:

` export PYTHONPATH="/home/user/Inscopix Data Processing 1.6.0/Inscopix Data Processing.linux/Contents/API/Python:$PYTHONPATH" `


  1. Enter the path to the .isxd or click the ... and choose the file.

  2. Click the button to load the file into the Viewer Work Environment.

The sampling rate (framerate) of the video is automatically imported from the isxd file.


Memory usage is quite high when loading files, you will need at least twice as much RAM as the size of the file you’re trying to open.