Source code for mesmerize.viewer.modules.tiff_io

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on May 13 2018

@author: kushal

Chatzigeorgiou Group
Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

from ...common.qdialogs import *
from ..core.common import ViewerUtils
from ..core import organize_metadata
from inspect import getmembers, isfunction
from .pytemplates.tiff_io_pytemplate import *
from ..core.viewer_work_environment import ViewerWorkEnv
import os
from functools import partial

[docs]class ModuleGUI(QtWidgets.QDockWidget): load_methods = ['asarray', 'asarray-multi', 'imread'] def __init__(self, parent, viewer_reference): = ViewerUtils(viewer_reference) QtWidgets.QDockWidget.__init__(self, parent) self.ui = Ui_DockWidget() self.ui.setupUi(self) self.ui.btnSelectTiff.clicked.connect(self.select_tiff_file) self.ui.btnSelectMetaFile.clicked.connect(self.select_meta_file) self.ui.btnLoadIntoWorkEnv.clicked.connect(self.load_tiff_file_slot) self.ui.radioButtonAsArray.clicked.connect(partial(self.set_load_method, 'asarray')) self.ui.radioButtonAsArrayMulti.clicked.connect(partial(self.set_load_method, 'asarray-multi')) self.ui.radioButtonImread.clicked.connect(partial(self.set_load_method, 'imread')) self._tiff_file_path = None self._meta_file_path = None self._load_method = None # all available meta data loaders meta_funcs = [f for f in getmembers(organize_metadata) if isfunction(f[1])] self.meta_loaders = dict( zip( [f[0] for f in meta_funcs], # function name [f[1].__doc__ for f in meta_funcs] # function extension from docstring ) ) self.ui.listWidget_meta_data_loader.addItems(self.meta_loaders.keys()) self.ui.listWidget_meta_data_loader.currentItemChanged.connect(self.check_meta_path) self.meta_loader = None def file_sink(self, path): self.tiff_file_path = path @property def tiff_file_path(self) -> str: return self._tiff_file_path @tiff_file_path.setter def tiff_file_path(self, path: str): self._tiff_file_path = path self.ui.labelFileTiff.setText(self.tiff_file_path) @property def meta_file_path(self) -> str: return self._meta_file_path @meta_file_path.setter def meta_file_path(self, path: str): self._meta_file_path = path self.ui.labelFileMeta.setText(self.meta_file_path) def get_load_method(self) -> str: if self._load_method is None: raise ValueError('Load method not set.') else: return self._load_method def set_load_method(self, method: str): if method not in self.load_methods: raise ValueError('Must set one of the following methods: imread, asarray, asarray-multi.') self._load_method = method @use_open_file_dialog('Choose tiff file', '', ['*.tiff', '*.tif', '*.btf']) def select_tiff_file(self, path, *args, **kwargs): self.tiff_file_path = path self.check_meta_path()
[docs] def check_meta_path(self) -> bool: """ check if a file exists with the same name and the meta data extension specified by the selected meta data format """ bn = os.path.basename(self.tiff_file_path) dir_path = os.path.dirname(self.tiff_file_path) filename = os.path.join(dir_path, os.path.splitext(bn)[0]) if self.ui.listWidget_meta_data_loader.currentItem() is None: return False meta_loader = self.ui.listWidget_meta_data_loader.currentItem().text() meta_ext = self.meta_loaders[meta_loader] self.meta_loader = meta_loader meta_path = f'{filename}{meta_ext}' if os.path.isfile(meta_path): self.meta_file_path = meta_path self.ui.labelFileMeta.setText(meta_path) return True else: self.meta_file_path = '' return False
@use_open_file_dialog('Choose meta data file', '') def select_meta_file(self, path, *args, **kwargs): if self.meta_loader is not None: ext = self.meta_loaders[self.meta_loader] if not path.endswith(ext): QtWidgets.QMessageBox.information( self.parent(), f'File extension mismatch', f'The file extension of the chosen meta data file does not match ' f'the expected file extension <{ext}> for the format <{self.meta_loader}>\n\n' f'You can still try to load the meta data from this file.', QtWidgets.QMessageBox.Ok ) self.meta_file_path = path @present_exceptions('Could not open file(s)', 'The following error occurred while trying to open the image file.') def load_tiff_file_slot(self, *args, **kwargs): tiff_path = self.tiff_file_path if not tiff_path: raise ValueError('Nothing to load, you must choose a file to load.') method = self.get_load_method() if self.ui.radioButton_axes_custom.isChecked(): axes_order = self.ui.lineEdit_axes_custom.text() else: axes_order = None if self.ui.groupBox_meta_loader.isChecked(): if self.meta_file_path is None: raise AttributeError( "You have not chosen a meta data file.\n" "Uncheck 'Load meta data' if you do not wish to load " "meta data through this module" ) if self.meta_loader is None: raise AttributeError( "You have not selected a meta data format" ) meta_path = self.meta_file_path meta_format = self.meta_loader else: meta_path = None meta_format = None self.load(tiff_path, method, axes_order, meta_path, meta_format=meta_format)
[docs] def load( self, tiff_path: str, method: str, axes_order: Optional[str] = None, meta_path: Optional[str] = None, meta_format: Optional[str] = None ) -> ViewerWorkEnv: """ Load a tiff file along with associated meta data :param tiff_path: path to the tiff file :param meta_path: path to the json meta data file :param method: one of "asarray", "asarray-multi", or "imread" "asarray" and "asarray-multi" uses :meth:`tifffile.asarray` "asarray-multi" is for multi-page tiffs "imread" uses :meth:`tifffile.imread` :param axes_order: axes order, examples: txy, xyt, tzxy, xytz etc. :param meta_format: name of function from viewer.core.organize_meta that should be used to organize the meta data. """'Please wait, loading tiff file, this may take a few minutes...') if not return = ViewerWorkEnv.from_tiff( path=tiff_path, method=method, meta_path=meta_path, axes_order=axes_order, meta_format=meta_format )'File loaded into work environment!') return