Source code for mesmerize.viewer.modules.cnmf

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on April 23 2018

@author: kushal

Chatzigeorgiou Group
Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

from ..core.common import ViewerUtils
from .pytemplates.cnmf_pytemplate import *
from ...common import get_window_manager
from ...common.qdialogs import *
from ...common.utils import HdfTools
from uuid import UUID
from shutil import copy
import os
from copy import deepcopy
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger()

[docs]class ModuleGUI(QtWidgets.QDockWidget): def __init__(self, parent, viewer_reference): = ViewerUtils(viewer_reference) QtWidgets.QDockWidget.__init__(self, parent) self.ui = Ui_DockWidget() self.ui.setupUi(self) self.ui.btnAddToBatchCNMF.clicked.connect(lambda: self.add_to_batch())
[docs] @present_exceptions() def get_params(self, *args, group_params: bool = False) -> dict: """ Get a dict of the set parameters. If the work environment was loaded from a motion correction batch item it put the bord_px in the dict. Doesn't use any arguments :return: parameters dict :rtype: dict """ if['fps'] == 0: raise KeyError('No framerate for current image sequence!', 'You must set a framerate for the current image sequence. ' 'You can set it manually in the console like this:\nget_meta()["fps"] = <framerate>') # Get width of border that is NaN, usually happens due ot motion correction history_trace = try: bord_px = next(d for ix, d in enumerate(history_trace) if 'caiman_motion_correction' in d)['caiman_motion_correction']['bord_px'] except StopIteration: bord_px = 0 rf = self.ui.spinBoxRf.value() # CNMF kwargs cnmf_kwargs = \ { 'p': self.ui.spinBoxP.value(), 'nb': self.ui.spinBoxnb.value(), 'merge_thresh': self.ui.doubleSpinBoxMergeThresh.value(), 'rf': rf if not self.ui.checkBoxRfNone.isChecked() else None, 'stride': self.ui.spinBoxStrideCNMF.value(), 'K': self.ui.spinBoxK.value(), 'gSig': [ self.ui.spinBox_gSig_x.value(), self.ui.spinBox_gSig_y.value() ], 'ssub': self.ui.spinBox_ssub.value(), 'tsub': self.ui.spinBox_tsub.value(), 'method_init': self.ui.comboBox_method_init.currentText(), 'border_pix': bord_px, 'fr':['fps'] } # Any additional cnmf kwargs set in the text entry if self.ui.groupBox_cnmf_kwargs.isChecked(): try: _kwargs = self.ui.plainTextEdit_cnmf_kwargs.toPlainText() cnmf_kwargs_add = eval(f"dict({_kwargs})") cnmf_kwargs.update(cnmf_kwargs_add) except: raise ValueError("CNMF kwargs not formatted properly.") # Component evaluation kwargs eval_kwargs = \ { 'min_SNR': self.ui.doubleSpinBoxMinSNR.value(), 'rval_thr': self.ui.doubleSpinBoxRvalThr.value(), 'use_cnn': self.ui.checkBoxUseCNN.isChecked(), 'min_cnn_thr': self.ui.doubleSpinBoxCNNThr.value(), 'cnn_lowest': self.ui.doubleSpinBox_cnn_lowest.value(), 'decay_time': self.ui.spinBoxDecayTime.value(), 'fr':['fps'] } # Any additional eval kwargs set in the text entry if self.ui.groupBox_eval_kwargs.isChecked(): try: _kwargs = self.ui.plainTextEdit_eval_kwargs.toPlainText() eval_kwargs_add = eval(f"dict{_kwargs}") eval_kwargs.update(eval_kwargs_add) except: raise ValueError("Evaluation kwargs not formatted properly.") if == 4: is_3d = True else: is_3d = False # Make the output dict d = \ { 'item_name': self.ui.lineEdName.text(), 'refit': self.ui.checkBoxRefit.isChecked(), 'border_pix': bord_px, 'is_3d': is_3d, 'keep_memmap': self.ui.checkBoxKeepMemmap.isChecked() } # Group the kwargs of the two parts seperately if group_params: d.update( { 'cnmf_kwargs': cnmf_kwargs, 'eval_kwargs': eval_kwargs } ) # or not else: d.update( { **cnmf_kwargs, **eval_kwargs } ) return d
[docs] @present_exceptions() def add_to_batch(self, params: dict = None) -> UUID: """ Add a CNMF batch item with the currently set parameters and the current work environment. """ if QtWidgets.QMessageBox.warning(self, 'Empty work environment', 'The work environment is empty, ' 'nothing to add to batch') return input_workEnv = if params is None: d = self.get_params(group_params=True) else: # Check that user passed dict is formatted correctly required_keys = ['cnmf_kwargs', 'eval_kwargs', 'item_name', 'refit', 'border_pix'] if any([k not in params.keys() for k in required_keys]): raise ValueError(f'Must pass a params dict with the following keys:\n' f'{required_keys}\n' f'Please see the docs for more information.') d = deepcopy(params) name = d['item_name']'Please wait, adding CNMF: ' + name + ' to batch...') if self.ui.groupBox_seed_components.isChecked(): seed_path = self.ui.lineEdit_seed_components_path.text() if not os.path.isfile(seed_path): raise FileNotFoundError( "Seed file does not exist, check the path" ) try: seed_params = HdfTools.load_dict(seed_path, 'data/segment_params') except: seed_params = 'unknown' d['use_seeds'] = True d['seed_params'] = seed_params else: d['use_seeds'] = False batch_manager = get_window_manager().get_batch_manager() u = batch_manager.add_item( module='CNMF', name=name, input_workEnv=input_workEnv, input_params=d, info=d ) if u is None: return if d['use_seeds']:"Copying component seed file") copy(seed_path, os.path.join(batch_manager.batch_path, f'{u}.ain'))'Done adding CNMF: ' + name + ' to batch!') self.ui.lineEdName.clear() return u