Source code for mesmerize.pyqtgraphCore.flowchart.library.Clustering

from .common import *
from sklearn import cluster as skcluster
from ....common.configuration import HAS_TSLEARN
from warnings import warn
    from ....plotting.widgets import KShapeWidget

[docs]class KShape(CtrlNode): """k-Shape clustering""" nodeName = "KShape" uiTemplate = [('ShowGUI', 'button', {'text': 'ShowGUI'})] def __init__(self, name): CtrlNode.__init__(self, name, terminals={'In': {'io': 'in', 'multi': True}, 'Out': {'io': 'out'}}) self.output_transmission = False if HAS_TSLEARN: self.kshape_widget = KShapeWidget(parent=None) self.kshape_widget.sig_output_changed.connect(self._send_output) self.ctrls['ShowGUI'].clicked.connect( else: warn("tslearn not installed, KShape is disabled.") def _send_output(self, t: Transmission): self.output_transmission = t self.changed() def process(self, output_transmission=False, **kwargs): if self.output_transmission: out = self.output_transmission else: out = self.processData(**kwargs) return {'Out': out} def processData(self, **kwargs): self.transmissions = kwargs['In'] self.transmissions_list = merge_transmissions(self.transmissions) self.t = Transmission.merge(self.transmissions_list) self.kshape_widget.set_input(self.t) return None
[docs]class KMeans(CtrlNode): """KMeans clustering\n\n Output column -> KMEANS_CLUSTER_<data_column>""" nodeName = "KMeans" uiTemplate = [('data_column', 'combo', {}), ('n_clusters', 'intSpin', {'max': 100, 'min': 2, 'value': 2, 'step': 1, 'toolTip': 'The number of clusters to form as well as the number of centroids to generate.'}), ('n_init', 'intSpin', {'max': 100, 'min': 1, 'value': 10, 'step': 10, 'toolTip': 'Number of time the k-means algorithm will be run with different centroid seeds.\n' 'The final results will be the best output of n_init consecutive runs in terms ' 'of inertia.'}), ('max_iter', 'intSpin', {'max': 10000, 'min': 1, 'value': 300, 'step': 50, 'toolTip': 'Maximum number of iterations of the k-means algorithm for a single run.'}), ('tol', 'doubleSpin', {'max': 1.0, 'min': 0.0000001, 'step': 0.000001, 'value': 0.0001, 'toolTip': 'Relative tolerance with regards to inertia to declare convergence'}), ('precompute_distances', 'combo', {'items': ['auto', 'True', 'False']}), ('Apply', 'check', {'checked': False, 'applyBox': True}) ] def processData(self, transmission: Transmission): self.t = transmission self.set_data_column_combo_box() if self.ctrls['Apply'].isChecked() is False: return self.t = transmission.copy() n_clusters = self.ctrls['n_clusters'].value() n_init = self.ctrls['n_init'].value() max_iter = self.ctrls['max_iter'].value() tol = self.ctrls['tol'].value() precompute_distances = self.ctrls['precompute_distances'].currentText() if precompute_distances == 'True': precompute_distances = True elif precompute_distances == 'False': precompute_distances = False = np.vstack(self.t.df[self.data_column].values) output_column = 'KMEANS_CLUSTER_LABEL' self.kmeans = skcluster.KMeans(n_clusters=n_clusters, n_init=n_init, max_iter=max_iter, tol=tol, precompute_distances=precompute_distances) self.t.df[output_column] = self.kmeans.labels_ params = {'data_column': self.data_column, 'n_init': n_init, 'max_iter': max_iter, 'tol': tol, 'precompute_distances': precompute_distances} self.t.history_trace.add_operation(data_block_id='all', operation='kmeans_clustering', parameters=params) self.t.last_output = output_column return self.t
# class LDA(CtrlNode): # """LDA""" # nodeName = 'LDA' # uiTemplate = [('Apply', 'check', {'checked': False, 'applyBox': True}), # ('ShowGUI', 'button', {'text': 'OpenGUI'})] # # def __init__(self, name): # CtrlNode.__init__(self, name, terminals={'In': {'io': 'in', 'multi': True}}) # self.plot_widget = None # self.ctrls['ShowGUI'].clicked.connect(self._open_plot_gui) # # def process(self, **kwargs): # if (self.ctrls['Apply'].isChecked() is False) or self.plot_widget is None: # return # # transmissions = kwargs['In'] # # transmissions_list = merge_transmissions(transmissions) # # self.plot_widget.update_input_transmissions(transmissions_list) # # def _open_plot_gui(self): # if self.plot_widget is None: # self.plot_widget = LDAPlot() #