Source code for mesmerize.common

# @author: kushal

# Chatzigeorgiou Group
# Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

# GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

import os
from webbrowser import open_new_tab as open_new_web_browser_tab
import configparser
from datetime import datetime
from time import time
from .configuration import get_sys_config, console_history_path
from functools import partial
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication
from abc import ABCMeta
from pathlib import Path

with open(Path(__file__).parent.parent.joinpath('VERSION'), 'r') as vf:
    __version__ ='\n')[0]

[docs]def get_proj_config(proj_path: str = None) -> configparser.RawConfigParser: """ :param proj_path: Full project path """ if proj_path is None: proj_path = get_project_manager().root_dir if proj_path is None: raise NoProjectOpen proj_cfg = configparser.RawConfigParser(allow_no_value=True) proj_cfg.optionxform = str + '/config.cfg') return proj_cfg
docs_dir = f'{__version__}/' doc_pages = \ { 'issue-tracker': '', 'gitter': '' } mesmerize_doc_pages = \ { 'home': '', 'new_project': 'user_guides/project_organization/new_project/new_project.html', 'viewer': 'user_guides/viewer/overview.html', 'faq': 'user_guides/faq.html', 'sys_config': 'user_guides/general/misc.html#system-configuration' } doc_pages.update( {k: docs_dir + v for k, v in mesmerize_doc_pages.items()} ) for k in doc_pages.keys(): doc_pages[k] = partial(open_new_web_browser_tab, doc_pages[k]) class InheritDocs(ABCMeta): """Inherit doc string from superclass if not present in subclass""" def __new__(mcls, classname, bases, cls_dict): cls = super().__new__(mcls, classname, bases, cls_dict) for name, member in cls_dict.items(): if not getattr(member, '__doc__'): if hasattr(bases[-1], name): member.__doc__ = getattr(bases[-1], name).__doc__ return cls def get_timestamp_str() -> str: date = datetime.fromtimestamp(time()) time_str = date.strftime('%Y%m%d') + '_' + date.strftime('%H%M%S') return time_str def is_app() -> bool: if QApplication.instance() is None: return False if hasattr(QApplication.instance(), 'window_manager') and hasattr(QApplication.instance(), 'project_manager'): return True return False
[docs]def get_project_manager(): """Get the project manager for this Mesmerize instance""" if not is_app(): raise NotInApplicationError pm = getattr(QApplication.instance(), 'project_manager') return pm
def set_project_manager(project_manager): if not is_app(): raise NotInApplicationError setattr(QApplication.instance(), 'project_manager', project_manager)
[docs]def get_window_manager(): """Get the Window Manager for this Mesmerize instance""" if not is_app(): raise NotInApplicationError return getattr(QApplication.instance(), 'window_manager')
# try: # wm = getattr(QApplication.instance(), 'window_manager') # except AttributeError: # raise AttributeError("This can only be used in a full Mesmerize Application") # return wm def get_session_id(): if not is_app(): raise NotInApplicationError return getattr(QApplication.instance(), 'session_id') def is_mesmerize_project(proj_dir: str) -> bool: if not os.path.isdir(proj_dir + '/dataframes'): raise NotAMesmerizeProject('dataframes directory not found') if not os.path.isdir(proj_dir + '/images'): raise NotAMesmerizeProject('images directory not found') return True class NoProjectOpen(Exception): """No Mesmerize project is open.""" class NotInApplicationError(Exception): """This can only be used in a full Mesmerize Application""" class NotAMesmerizeProject(Exception): """Not a valid Mesmerize Project""" def __init__(self, msg): assert isinstance(msg, str) self.msg = msg def __str__(self): return str(self.__doc__) + '\n' + self.msg